Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Movie Critique: Trekkies

Fans are the ultimate cause for the succession of a movie or tv series. It is what creates the culture and the money for the industry. Without fans there would never be the large world of Star Wars or Star Trek. Fans are the ultimate customers that movie producers and story writers want.
 Trekkies shows just a small part of that universe. It is so deep and expansive that when fans start this following it only encourages more and more people to follow along. The most intriguing part of the culture start creating their own material; this is what truly make the movies or tv shows diverse among others. In Trekkies many of the expanded, fan written material is talked about by a lot of women. Women writing stories about Star Trek and making it their own gives them the power to expand off of what they see and make it as feminine as they want.
Trekkies essentially just shows how this fanbase has given women more power in their own universe of story writing. It also gives women something to live for outside of the tv show. It inspires young women to be in positions of power. When a little girl sees what a woman can do as a commander of a starship, finding something in our society doesn't seem that hard all of the sudden.
Trekkies shows what the core of fandom really is all about. It is very comparable to things like World of Warcraft; kids, adults, teenagers, everyone can be a part of the world they want and they don't have to have some special talent to do so. It may seem a little strange to some but our world is a strange place. It is very satisfying to see so many people feel at home with other people that they have never met. TV shows like Star Trek do that for so many people.

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