Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Movie Critique: Fanboys

Fanboys was a funny and interesting idea for a movie, however it felt exactly like any other comedy out there. In a way it seemed like so many other movies out there, Wild Hogs, RV, Due Date, The Muppet Movie, Joe Dirt, are just a few. Granted it does take on the "science fiction" theme that some of the aforementioned films do not, it is still just like a young, fun, road trip to help their dying friend.
Some things to take away from this however is the fact that the budget was so large for a fan based film. Fandom really does create room for so many more stories like Fanboys that would originally not have been done. While this movie didn't do so hot in the box office, it goes to show that fans can be more than just a fan. Trekkies is very similar in this aspect. It shows that fans create a much larger experience than just watching the films or tv shows do.

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